The New Society Logo – How Does It Represent Nightlife?

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The Society | Where Everyone Deserves To Be A VIP


As many of you noticed, our logo recently changed. We’ve received many questions about what it means and why it was chosen. We have the answer.


Our logo incorporates everything our company hopes to achieve: exclusivity, loyalty, and leaders of nightlife. The owl, the shield, and the key bring these aspects to life.

First, what screams loyalty more than a family emblem? We wanted the shield to resemble this or a crest, with a focus on community and loyalty. While we want every member to feel exclusive, we also want to foster an inclusive group of VIPs.

Second, what animal rules the night more than an owl? They can see 360 degrees around themselves and fly above the rest. An owl is truly “the king of the night.” It’s our spirit animal. We are all-seeing, especially when it comes to the best nightlife. We know the ins and outs of SLC, Boise, and Reno so we can offer our members the “locals experience.”

Third, the key unlocks your new nightlife. It’s exclusive. We all want to have an awesome night; The Society is the answer.

We have stay loyal to our members and offer the key to an exclusive nightlife because we are the leaders of the night.

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