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The Crucialfest 7 All Ages Main Event runs at The Gateway, Sept 2 & 3 from 12pm-10pm. Additionally, 21+ evening showcases run at Urban Lounge (metal) & Metro Music Hall (electronic/dance) Aug 31 – Sept 3 starting from 7pm-8pm and ending at 1am.

Exigent Records and S&S Presents:

The Growlers, STRFKR, Baroness, Built To Spill, Minus The Bear, Pinback, Red Fang, P.O.S., Why?, Broncho, Sales, Able Baker Fox, Radio Moscow, The Flatliners, Emma Ruth Rundle, Deap Vally, The Frights, Turbo Chugg, The Ditch And The Delta, Mojave Nomads, The Boys Ranch, Panthermilk, SAM, Sunsleeper, Rozamov, Darklord, The Nods, Westing, Super 78, BEACHMEN, Indigo Plateau, Visigoth, Turtleneck Wedding Dress, Wovenhand, Loom, Earthless, STRFKR DJ Set, Subrosa, Doug Martsch DJ Set, Laserfang, One More Time (Daft Punk Tribute), INVDRS, Fall Silent, Primitive Man, The Hound Mystic, Andrew Goldring, Filth Lords, The Wake of an Arsonist, Giraffula, Quiet Oaks, 2-Headed Whale, Hemwick, Exes, Droopy Tights, Sympathy Pain, Civil Lust, Conquer Monster, Martian Cult, AudioTreats, Korihor, Die Off, I Buried The Box With Your Name, Madge, RS2090, Tarot Death Card, Strange Familia, King Dude, Jaye Jayle

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