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A Lifetime of VIP Nightlife Perks.

No Subscription. No Expiration.


Experience New Bars, Restaurants And Clubs. Be Treated Like A Regular.
Food and Drinks

Receive complimentary or discounted food and drinks at some of the best local restaurants, bars, and eateries.

Skip Lines & Cover Charges

Flash your card to skip lines and receive free or discounted cover charge at some of the hottest nightclubs downtown.

Show Tickets and Private Events

Get free show tickets at some of the best local live music venues. Attend private, invite only events.

The Society has done a great job at helping their members feel like locals at some of the best bars, restaurants, and clubs around town.

Zach WebberReno, NV

Everyone deserves to be treated like a VIP, with my Society card I definitely am!

Eva LopezSalt Lake City, UT

I love how it works for life, no subscriptions. All I have to do is flash my card and I get great perks at some of my favorite venues.

Prescott DonovanBoise, ID

Who likes paying cover charge? Not me, and now I don't have to!

Melanie TsangSalt Lake City, UT

Your turn to make a move

Indulge in a lifetime of VIP rewards. No subscription required.
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We connect people with the best local bars, restaurants, breweries, pubs, and nightclubs in Salt Lake City, Park City, Boise, Reno, and Phoenix. By joining The Society Underground and receiving your Nightlife Card you will enjoy a lifetime of unique and exclusive perks. Our philosophy dictates that everyone deserves to be a VIP, so join our movement and change the way you experience your nightlife.
Don’t worry about subscriptions or expiration dates. Order your Society Nightlife Card and become a member for life, no questions asked. ​
Welcome to The Society Underground, welcome to the night.

Order your Nightlife Card

Your card is a one time purchase. Don't worry about subscriptions or fees, your card works for life.

Head downtown

Take your card with you to any Society locations and simply show it to your server or the front desk to receive your exclusive Society perk.

Enjoy the rewards

Skip lines, skip cover charges, free show tickets, complimentary drinks/food and more! Welcome to a lifetime of underground rewards, welcome to The Society.
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